About us 

Welcome to Bubo CZ cattery. Our cattery was founded on 12th February 2003. Most of our breeding cats are from well-known foreign catteries (Russia, Belarus, Holland, Poland...)

We breed cats that correspond as much as possible to Siberian cats and Neva Masquerades and we regularly participate in international cat shows in different countries (Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria).

We also place great emphasis on the character of the cats to be cuddly, affectionate and fearless. They are well socialized from birth, we are in constant contact with them and they are used to small children and other animals (dogs, other cats, etc...).

Last but not least, good health of all kittens is important for us. That is why we have every cat tested in the laboratory for basic viral diseases (FIV, FeLV), genetic kidney disease (PKD) and preventive cardiological examination of the heart (ultrasound) before being placed in the breeding. We also do genetic blood typing.

All examination reports are kept on file and are available for review upon request at any time. Of course, cats and kittens are regularly dewormed and vaccinated against serious diseases.

We recommend our Neva Masquerade and Siberian cats for every household due to their relaxed and friendly nature. They will be happy with the pets you are sure to already have at home.